Passenger transportation Ukraine (UKR) – Croatia (CRO) – Ukraine (UKR) / Transfers

Ukraine (UKR) – Croatia (CRO) – Ukraine (UKR)

DirectionPrice, euro
01. Zagreb (CRO) – Uzhgorod (UKR)100
02. Rijeka (CRO) – Uzhgorod (UKR)130
03. Uzhgorod (UKR) – Zagreb (CRO)100
04. Uzhgorod (UKR) – Rijeka (CRO)130
05. Uzhgorod (UKR) – Pula (CRO)140
06. Uzhgorod (UKR) – Rovinj (CRO)140
07. Uzhgorod (UKR) – Zadar (CRO)140
08. Uzhgorod (UKR) – Split (CRO)150

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We offer transfer services from airports and train stations in Europe.


🛩 airport Zagreb;

🛩 airport Pula;

🛩 airport Split.

railway station Zagreb.

As well as private and group transfers in Croatia.

Passenger transportation / transport services / transfers

Transfers, parcels 1,5 euros / 1 kg from the cities indicated above.

We have been working in Europe (EU) for over 5 years.

We use business and premium class cars.

On board our cars, you will be provided with the following service:
– free Wi-Fi;
– stops on request;
– hot drinks at stops;
– soft drinks during the whole trip;
– masks, gloves;
– hand disinfectant;
– passenger insurance;
– luggage up to 40 kg.

For a fee, you can use the following services:
– additional baggage;
– choosing a seat in the car;
– collection service “from address to address”;
– individual trip.

We adhere to the rules of safe transportation of our customers.

We help to travel across Europe with biometric passports. Call anyone interested!

Price per car:

1 euro / 1 km up to 4 passengers

1,5 euro / 1km from 4th to 7th

Assistance when driving along the BIOMETRIC.

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